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What To Do If We Fail

What To Do If We Fail

What to do if we fail?

A journalist was interviewing the chairman of a reputed company. “What is the secret of your success?”,  the journalist asked. “Taking the correct decision – it is the secret of my success”, said the man. “How could you practice yourself in taking the correct decisions?” “Experiences taught me.” “How could you manage to get those experiences?, the journalist raised another question. “Through the wrong decisions and I learnt from its consequences,” replied the chairman.

There are failures in the life of every victorious one. There can be none who did not have a failure. All the Apostles failed once. There was failure in the life of Abraham, the father of the faithful. Moses who had been a law giver, chosen one to liberate the people of Israel and the greatest leader of human history, had failed in life. David, the man after the heart of God and the glorious king of Israel too had failures in his life.

Though they had failures, they became successful men because they did not see failure as an end. They were not ready to give up life in front of failures. They continued their journey of life depending on God.

So, we should never see our failures and shortcomings as the end of everything. There is yet more life. Restart with much more hope. Don’t get frozen thinking over the drawbacks in prayer life and spiritual ministry. Start again anew.

You may be a person who failed miserably in the academic life, work place or in business. Failure is not an end. Get up and move forward. Your life will surely turn out to be a success.

Do not grow introvert over the frail family and personal relationships. There is enough time and more opportunities. Look with hope into the future and restart the journey of life.

It is not the failures that decide the success of life. Instead, it is what we think and act after our failures. The prophet says, “those who trust in the Lord will stand up even though they fall, they shall rise up on wings like eagles.”


Lord, strengthen our faith as if no failures could shatter. Teach us not to see failures as an end but as an opportunity for a new beginning. Make us convinced that the success of life is not always being victorious or not committing any mistake. Bless us with trust and hope in order to move forward in our life without giving away to despair. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara, Chief Editor, Shalom Tidings

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