Vizhithidu - Tamil Christian Devotional Album

Vizhithidu – Tamil Christian Devotional Album by Dr. J Jeyaraj

1. Theme Message

Theme Message

2. Nam Devan Nammai Kaapar

Nam Devan Nammai Kaapar

3. Thuyarangal Vazhkaiyai Ponathe

Thuyarangal Vazhkaiyai Ponathe

4. Step by Step

Step by Step

5. Thottu Chellum Kaatru

Thottu Chellum Kaatru

6. Theninumailum


7. Siluvaiyil Thongidum

Siluvaiyil Thongidum

8. Pudiya Sindanai

Pudiya Sindanai

9. Nam Baratham

Nam Baratham

10. Saami Tharum Viduthalai

Saami Tharum Viduthalai

11. Ondraga Koodungal

Ondraga Koodungal

12. Theme Conclusion

Theme Conclusion

Hear the above 12 soundtracks from Vizhithidu, the tamil christian devotional album by Dr. J John Jeyaraj. These tracks are sung by Wincy, Deepak, Meshach, J. W. Vinod, J. J. Ruban, Rahul, Princy and Kiruba. The song titles are Nam Devan Nammai Kaapar, Thuyarangal Vazhkaiyai Ponathe, Step by Step, Thottu Chellum Kaatru, Theninumailum, Siluvaiyil Thongidum, Pudiya Sindanai, Nam Baratham, Saami Tharum Viduthalai and Ondraga Koodungal.

With the leading of the Lord I have taken efforts to create these songs for the glory of our Lord Jesus and for everyone to easily understand the Bible. I am sure this album ‘Vizhithidu’ would be a blessing and deliverance for all those who hear these songs. May the Lords grace, peace and deliverance be with you all. – Dr. J Jeyaraj

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