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The Best Smiles – Keep Smiling

Happy Baby Wearing Hat

See all the 24 pictures above, from the collection of the best smiles ever made. The smile of these babies is so cute that we will all love to play with each of them.

Every Little Smile can touch Somebody’s heart
May U find hundreds of reasons to smile today and
May U be the reason for someone else to smile always!
Keep Smiling !! Spread the Killer Smile!!!

I know it wont be that easy for us, grown-ups, to make such innocent smiles. We have a busy life, with a lots of problems to think about. But leave them aside for a while as you begin to relax and try to put up a nice smile, which will cause great joy to whoever who see it.

It improves the quality of our lives, and help us to live happily.

1. You can give it to whomever you choose .

2. You can give it as often as you choose.

3. It requires no special equipment.

4. It costs you nothing to give it , absolutely free.

5. You can give it to many people at the same time.

6. It can go around the world.

7. It is always appreciated and may do more good than you will ever know

Please, please take some time to smile as it greatly benefits you and all those who see it.

So join hands with us and help turn this “Smile Germ” into an epidemic.

Just REMEMBER TO SMILE always and pass it on to everyone!!

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