Christian Devotional Songs

We have provided hundreads of Christian songs in this website. Anyone can playback them right from our pages, as much as they want. But we don't provide download links for any of the copyrighted MP3 songs here. So we have disabled the downloading feature for any MP3 song from website.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, but we just cannot allow free download of copyrighted music from our servers. Forgive us.

Christian Wallpapers

Thousands of Christian Wallpapers are present in this website, mostly of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.

Download Wallpapers For Free
You can download any wallpaper to your computer and set it as your desktop background for free.
Sharing Wallpapers With Others
You can use all the wallpapers and pictures copied from here. They are for non-commercial use only. However you can share them with your friends or relatives through personal email.
Christian Videos

We have provided many christian videos in this website for your free viewing. You can play them as much as you like from our pages. For some videos, we have even included a Download Link, using which you can download the video to your computer for later viewing or sharing with others.

All Other Content in TBTG website

Slideshows, PDF files, E-books, Word documents are some of other types of content we are providing our readers. You all are free to download these for your personal use. If you want to use them commercially, please do so only after obtaining our permission.

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