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Telugu Christian Devotional Songs

Telugu Christian Devotional Songs

Telugu Christian Devotional Songs from ‘Yesu Paadamulandu‘ album

1. Aadi Anthamu Anni
Aadi Anthamu Anni 
2. Maadu Thandri Deva
Maadu Thandri Deva 
3. Naavanni Yangeekarinchumee
Naavanni Yangeekarinchumee 
4. Prabhu Vaakyamun
Prabhu Vaakyamun 
5. Prabhu Yesuni
Prabhu Yesuni 
6. Prabhuvaa Deva
Prabhuvaa Deva 
7. Prabhuvunu Goluchutaku
Prabhuvunu Goluchutaku 
8. Redu Messeeya
Redu Messeeya 
9. Samaanulevaru Prabho
Samaanulevaru Prabho 
10. Siluve Naa Saranaayenura
Siluve Naa Saranaayenura 
11. Sthothrinchumu O Manasa
Sthothrinchumu O Manasa 
12. Thella Vaaraga
Thella Vaaraga 

Play the 12 Telugu Christian Devotional Songs from the album “Yesu Paadamulandu”. All the songs are in 320kbps bit rate. The songs in Yesu Paadamulandu telugu christian album include Aadi Anthamu Anni, Maadu Thandri Deva, Naavanni Yangeekarinchumee, Prabhu Vaakyamun, Prabhu Yesuni, Prabhuvaa Deva, Prabhuvunu Goluchutaku, Redu Messeeya, Samaanulevaru Prabho, Siluve Naa Saranaayenura, Sthothrinchumu O Manasa and Thella Vaaraga.

The music director of this telugu album is Sangeetarathna B M J Dhyriam. Artists include G Anand, Nandamuri Raja, S P Balasubrahmanyam, Bangalore Lata, B Vasantha, P Susheela and Padmini. Lyrics are from Rev Dr A B Masilamani, R J Bilmoria, Rev Dass Babu and B M J Dhyriam.

These Telugu Christian devotional songs can be played back using the PLAY button under each of the song title. The song download option is not provided here, because of copyright issues. However, you can play the songs as many times as you like. We will keep adding more and more Telugu Christian songs in TBTG website.

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