Tamil Christian Devotional Songs

Tamil Christian Devotional Songs are here for the third time in TBTG site.

1. Aarathanai Aarathanai

Aarathanai Aarathanai

2. En Yesu Ennai

En Yesu Ennai

3. Anbe Enranava

Anbe Enranava

4. Iraivane En Thevane

Iraivane En Thevane

5. Karunai Mazhaiye

Karunai Mazhaiye

Just play the above five christian devotional Tamil songs. As promised this is the third set of Tamil Christian Devotional Songs here in TBTG site. You just have to click on each devotional song play button and it starts playing the song, from this website itself. The option to download these christian Tamil songs is not available in this website now.

I usually add English christian songs every week to TBTG. And though not so frequently, I will be adding more Tamil Christian songs to this site. So all Tamils out there, keep logging in and Have a blessed time.

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