Tamil Christian Christmas Songs

Tamil Christian Christmas Songs – 15 Tamil Christmas MP3

1. Aasai En Yesu

Aasai En Yesu

2. Amaithiyana


3. Arivar Araro

Arivar Araro

4. Deivam Thantha

Deivam Thantha

5. Immanuel


6. Kel Jenmitha

Kel Jenmitha

7. Magimayin


8. Manamagizhvodu


9. Meibakthar


10. Nalliravil


11. O Bethlehem

O Bethlehem

12. Paar Munnanai

Paar Munnanai

13. Rajan Davithu

Rajan Davithu

14. Thuthar Geetham

Thuthar Geetham

15. Thuya Nagaram

Thuya Nagaram

Listen to the 15 Christian Christmas Songs in Tamil language given above. Just click on the play button beneath each song to hear the complete tamil song for free. The Christmas tracks available here are Aasai En Yesu, Amaithiyana, Arivar Araro, Deivam Thantha, Immanuel, Kel Jenmitha, Magimayin, Manamagizhvodu, Meibakthar, Nalliravil, O Bethlehem, Paar Munnanai, Rajan Davithu, Thuthar Geetham and Thuya Nagaram.

We have previously added the first set of tamil Christmas songs two weeks ago. You can listen to those ten tracks here…

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We will soon add more and more christian Tamil songs on Christmas and you can find all those Christmas tamil tracks under the TAMIL SONGS link on the top left side under the section ‘Play Songs Online’. So stay tuned to TBTG’s updates to get more Tamil Christian Christmas Songs for free playback over the internet.