Telugu Christian Songs

Telugu Christian Songs are here in TBTG for the first time!

We are starting with some old Telugu Christian devotional MP3 songs.

1. Devaa Paapinee

Devaa Paapinee

2. Ennellu Elalo Vunnaamu

Ennellu Elalo Vunnaamu

3. Hrudayame Nee

Hrudayame Nee

4. Prabho Maha Raaja

Prabho Maha Raaja

5. Siluvapai Vrelaade

Siluvapai Vrelaade

Above given list contains 5 old Telugu Christian songs which are very nice to hear. They are Devaa Paapinee, Ennellu Elalo Vunnaamu, Hrudayame Nee, Prabho Maha Raaja and Siluvapai Vrelaade. These songs are very much meaningful and all have wonderful lyrics. I hope my Telugu brothers/sisters out there are extremely happy now.

Among the visitors to this site, there are many who don’t understand Telugu language at all. But still, I wanted to start a Telugu Christian songs section in TBTG due to the continued requests I was getting in the last couple of months. I called up my friend and got a lot of Telugu devotional songs from him. So keep watching as I will slowly add many more Telugu Christian songs to TBTG website.

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