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June 15th, 2013

Aaradhaniyaam Album By Jollee Abraham

Aaradhaniyaam Album By Jollee Abraham

Hear the five songs from the 1997 Aaradhaniyaam malayalam album by Jollee Abraham.

1. Kanivodu


2. Thoni Thoni

Thoni Thoni

3. Itho Manusharin

Itho Manusharin

4. Thrukaram Neeti

Thrukaram Neeti

5. Paatha Ariyaadhe

Paatha Ariyaadhe

Listen to the five songs from the Malayalam album Aaradhaniyaam by Jollee Abraham. Album details are here:

Album Name: Aaradhaniyaam
Artist: Jollee Abraham
Lyricist: Tom Mulanjanani, James Kunnapilly, Fr. Cherian Kuniyanthodath
Year: 1997

The songs included in this album are Kanivodu,  Thoni Thoni, Itho Manusharin,  Thrukaram Neeti and Paatha Ariyaadhe. Just click on the play buttons under each song to hear these old malayalam christian devotional songs online.

June 15th, 2013

Stuthi – Malayalam Devotional Album From 1999

Stuthi 1999 Malayalam Devotionals

We are listing the 9 songs from the 1999 malayalam christian album titled ‘Stuthi’. The singers in this album are Chitra, U Srinivas and Kester.

1. Dukhangal Ente

Dukhangal Ente

2. Lokanathanaam Yesuvin

Lokanathanaam Yesuvin

3. Oru Dhyana Sandhyayil

Oru Dhyana Sandhya

4. Ottum Madikkathe Muttumbol

Ottum Madikkathe

5. Paadunnu Paridamake

Paadunnu Paridamake

6. Palathellam Nedaan

Palathellam Nedaan

7. Pularkala Velayithil

Pularkala Velayithil

8. Snehapookkal Viriyum

Snehapookkal Viriyum

9. Urukum Hrudayam

Urukum Hrudayam

Click on the play button under each of the above 9 tracks to play the malayalam christian devotional songs. Here are the album details:

Album Name: Stuthi
Artists: Kester, U Srinivas, Chitra
Music Director: Jerson Antony
Lyricist: Jayan Palluruthi, Chittoor Gopi, Abraham Pattani, Roy Kanjirathanam, Jessy Jose
Year: 1999

The songs included in this album are Dukhangal Ente, Lokanathanaam Yesuvin, Oru Dhyana Sandhyayil, Ottum Madikkathe Muttumbol, Paadunnu Paridamake, Palathellam Nedaan, Pularkala Velayithil, Snehapookkal Viriyum and Urukum Hrudayam.

March 1st, 2013

Kurisinte Vazhi Malayalam Full MP3

It is the Lenten season now and we are sure, all the Malayalis around the globe are missing the Way of the Cross in Malayalam language (Kurisinte Vazhi). Here is a small gift to all our dear Malayali readers. Click on the play button below to listen to the complete Kurisinte Vazhi malayalam audio which takes 1:17hrs to complete.

Kurisinte Vazhi Malayalam Full

Composed by : Martin Palackapillil
Music by : P D Saigal Eroor
Sung by : Kester, Alphonsa Mathew

Kurisinte Vazhi (The Way of the Cross)

Kurisinte Vazhi is the Malayalam for the Way of the Cross or the Stations of the Cross. It depicts Christ carrying the Cross to his crucifixion in the final hours before his death on the Cross. The devotions based on this help us to commemorate the Passion. During the way of the Cross, we often move physically around a set of stations. The vast majority of Roman Catholic churches now contain such a series, typically placed at intervals along the side walls of the nave; in most churches these are small plaques with reliefs or paintings. The tradition as chapel devotion began with St. Francis of Assisi and extended throughout.

Stations of The Cross in English

The Way of the Cross Pictures

Why should we pray the Stations of the Cross?

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