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May 3rd, 2014

Divyakaarunyame Daivame song – Kester

Divyakaarunyame Daivame

Play the song ‘Divyakaarunyame Daivame’ sung by Kester from ‘The Prayer’ album by Fr John Painumkal. Music by Prince Joseph.


Divya Karunyame Daivame
Divya Karunyame snehame (2)
Divya Karunyamayi enne thediyethunna
Yesho ange njaninnaradhikkunnu

Snehamenna vakkinnartham bhoomiyil
Jeevitham kondangu poorthiyakkumbol
Sneham sahanamanennu njan ariyunnu (2)
Sneham maranamanennu njan kanunnu
Sneham baliyay theerunnu
Changum chorayumekunu
Sneham kurishil poornamakunnu
Sneham kurbanayay maarunnu

Divya Karunyame Daivame
Divya Karunyame snehame

Thiruvathazhathinte punya smaranayithil
Theeyay navil padaranay daivamitha
Thiruvosthiyay roopam prapichanayunnu (2)
Thiru rakthathin shonimayarnninganayunnu
Ullil theeyay uyarunna divya karunyachoodil
Papathin shapangaleriyenam
Snehathin theenalam padarenam

Divya Karunyame Daivame
Divya Karunyame snehame
Divya Karunyamayi enne thediyethunna
Yesho ange njaninnaradhikkunnu

May 1st, 2011

Snehithan Eshunathan – New Malayalam Christian Album

Snehithan Eshunathan

Snehithan Eshunathan is a new malayalam christian album and it has 12 amazing music tracks in it. The songs are so special as they are sung by a variety of popular devotional malayalam singers like Kester, Biju Narayanan, Madhu, Wilson, Elizabeth, Cicily, Jins, Muralikrishnan and Anoop. The lyrics are done by Thomaskutty. Music by Thomaskutty, Bro. Phinil – CMI and  Jerson Antony. Orchestration is also Jerson Antony.

1. Kazhchayay Ekidam – Biju Narayanan

Kazhchayay Ekidam

2. Ponnin Manthara – Jins

Ponnin Manthara

3. Karayaruthen Makane – Kester

Karayaruthen Makane

4. Rariram Padidam – Elizabeth

Rariram Padidam

5. Ullil Novumayi – Wilson Piravam

Ullil Novumayi

6. Kudumbam Nadante – Madhu Balakrishnan

Kudumbam Nadante

7. Divya Bhojyame – Biju Narayanan

Divya Bhojyame

8. O Nadhane – Elizabeth

O Nadhane

9. Aruthe Enmakane – Kester

Aruthe Enmakane

10. Ariyathe Aparathamellam – Muralikrishnan

Ariyathe Aparathamellam

11. Vedanakal Neekiyenne – Anoop

Vedanakal Neekiyenne

12. Kanyaka Mathave – Cicily

Kanyaka Mathave

Click on the above play buttons under each song title to hear these christian album songs from Snehithan Eshunathan album. It is a fresh new malayalam christian album which all of you can buy at a price of Rs. 65 only from your local music stores. You can playback the songs from this page. To get these songs, please go ahead and purchase Snehithan Eshunathan Malayalam Christian album from a music shop near you.

As per the request from the creators of this album, we are now giving these malayalam devotional music tracks as free download to all of you. Please see the comment section below the article where you can find the download links for all these 12 songs. God bless you.

February 18th, 2011

Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs by Kester

Kester Devotional Singer

1. Amme Amme Thaye Ammakkeka Makane

Amme Amme Thaaye by Kester

2. Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal

Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal by Kester

3. Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu

Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu by Kester

4. Chenchora Ozhugum

Chenchora Ozhugum by Kester

5. Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye

Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye

These 5 Malayalam Christian devotional songs given above are from Kester, the devotional mallu singer from Kerala. These 5 songs include Amme Amme Thaaye Ammakkeka Makane, Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal, Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu, Chenchora Ozhugum and Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye. The first song ‘Amme Amme Thaaye’ is a very popular song asking Mother Mary’s help to guide us through the troubles of life.

There are a lot of good malayalam Christian devotional songs sung by Kester. Thanks to our friend Bijoy who is sharing with us his entire collection of Kester Malayalam MP3 songs, through the new ‘upload your files’ feature in TBTG website. You can see the button towards the top left side and can contribute your files too. God Bless You All. Lets praise our God together with Kester using these lovely devotional songs sung by Kester.

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