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November 30th, 2010

Yeshua Band Songs

Yeshua Band Songs

Yeshua Band Songs – Top 5 Hindi christian songs from Yeshua Band

Play the five hindi tracks of the famous Indian Christian Band – Yeshua.

1. Aradhana (aah prabhu Yeshu aah)

Aradhana (aah prabhu yeshu aah)

2. Gao Hallelujah

Gao Hallelujah

3. Tere Paas Ata Hu

Tere paas ata hu – Yeshua band

4. Yeshu Ke Naam Se

Yeshu Ke Naam se

5. Yeshu Masiah

Yeshu Masiah

Yeshua Band Hindi Songs are given above. From the many Hindi Christian Bands, Yeshua is my personal favorite. Five top songs of Yeshua are given in this article. They are Aradhana (aah prabhu Yeshu aah), Gao Hallelujah, Tere Paas Ata Hu, Yeshu Ke Naam Se and Yeshu Masiah. These are very nice songs and i very much like the song ‘Tere paas ata hu’.

Given below is the Lyrics to Yeshua song ‘Tere paas ata hu’ …

Tere paas ata hu Yeshu tere paas
Har pal meri har saas teri stuti karti rahe
Har din meri har baat teri mahima gaati rahe (2)
Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua

About Yeshua Band

Yeshua’s music is themed around youth revival, and concentrates on conveying to the youth that it is impossible to live in this world without God and that putting God first is not un-cool.

Says Cameron, who has co-written the lyrics of the many Yeshua albums with his brother Aaron Mendes, “Much like the songs in the previous album, the ones in this album (Rock and Roll) too speak of Jesus, his greatness and what he did for us.” Apart from Cameron and Aaron, the other members of the band include Joshua on the synthesiser, Samuel on the drums, Anson on the lead guitar and Justin on the bass guitar.

We will keep adding more and more Christian hindi songs from Yeshua Band. So keep checking back.
November 10th, 2010

Strings of David : Hindi Worship Band

Strings of David Hindi Worship Band

Strings of David : Hindi Worship Band from North India

Hear these five Hindi Christian songs from their album ‘Jehova Ke Liye’

1. Dhola Re

Dhola Re

2. Meri Awaz Me Tum Ho

Meri Awaz Me Tum Ho

3. Prabhu Tu Hai Kahan

Prabhu Tu Hai Kahan

4. Yahova Ke Liye

Yahova Ke Liye

5. Ye Kanto Bhari Dagar

Ye Kanto Bhari Dagar

Please play these Christian worship songs in Hindi given here. These songs are taken from the album ‘Jehova Ke Liye’ by Strings of David music band. Let us listen to what Lovey Curtis has to say about his music band. Check out their new album Main Badal Gaya

About Strings of David

A dream of having a worship band was one of my biggest dream which took shape in the Year 2007 as ‘Strings of David’. I belong to Patna and my interest in music and moreover, to spread the gospel through music encouraged the worship band Strings of David to come into existence.

The band ‘Strings of David’ is a tremendous outreach ministry, and spread the Gospel by way of conducting musical concerts all over India. The songs and messages are such blessing to us and to people in comforting, encouraging and lifting people in their spiritual life.

God has endowed the team with special gifts and talents to bring healing for soul, mind and body in the multitudes. We stand as witness to the marvelous healing power of Christ.

We contribute our profits to the upliftment of the downtrodden in the society. We reach out to the masses across the nation with the Gospel songs and messages of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With Regards,
Strings of David, Lovey Curtis

July 23rd, 2010

Christian Hindi Songs

Christian Hindi Songs

Christian Hindi Songs appear for third time in TBTG. Listen to these Hindi devotional songs or MP3s.

1. Yeshu Tu Mahan Hai

Yeshu Tu Mahan Hai

2. Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

3. Sahaara Mujko Chaahiye

Sahaara Mujko Chaahiye

4. Neelae aasman

Neelae aasman

5. Aao hum yahova ke liye

Aao hum yahova ke liye

Christian Hindi songs – Third set of 5 songs are given above. You can playback any of them from this page. Anyway the option to download them is not provided for now. But never mind, you can bookmark this page and play these songs any time you want, as long as you want. Sounds cool, right?

Basically this site is in English and there are over 500 english christian songs here in TBTG site. So these 5 song sets of other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam appear here due to the continued request from a lot of people demanding devotional songs from these other languages too. For those who cant make out these songs, don’t worry. I will be soon back to my job of adding English Christian songs here.

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