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November 22nd, 2011

Hindi Christmas Songs

Angels telling the good news

Hindi Christmas Songs – 10 Christmas Hindi MP3

1. Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume

Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume

2. Aaya Christmas Pyaara

Aaya Christmas Pyaara

3. Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai

Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai

4. Christmas Ka Ye Mausam

Christmas Ka Ye Mausam

5. Gloria Gloria

Gloria Gloria

6. Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai

Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai

7. Khushiya Manaaye

Khushiya Manaaye

8. Shaanti Ki Raath

Shaanti Ki Raath

9. Silent Night

Silent Night hindi song

10. Yesu Janma Hai

Yesu Janma Hai

Listen to the 10 Hindi Christmas songs given above. These are pretty old Christmas hindi songs. You can hear each one by clicking on the play button after each song name.

The ten hindi songs in this post are Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume, Aaya Christmas Pyaara, Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai, Christmas Ka Ye Mausam, Gloria Gloria, Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai, Khushiya Manaaye, Shaanti Ki Raath, Silent Night and Yesu Janma Hai. Its almost christmas time and we will be adding more and more hindi Christmas songs to our collection in this website. So keep checking the Hindi songs section.

We are really grateful to our dearest friend Rashmi Priyanka who had provided all these hindi christmas songs. Thank you so much Rashmi. We appreciate your efforts to share these mp3 songs with other readers of TBTG.

Meanwhile we are looking forward to add new hindi Christmas songs also. So if anyone of you are having new Christmas songs in hindi, please share it with us so that we can publish them for playback on TBTG website this Christmas season.

October 16th, 2011

Main Badal Gaya Hindi Album – Strings of David

Strings of David music band

Main Badal Gaya – Latest Hindi Album from Strings of David

1. Aye Khuda

Aye Khuda

2. Charno Mein

Charno Mein

3. Dil Me Mere

Dil Me Mere

4. Jag Ka Raja

Jag Ka Raja

5. Maulaa


6. Shukriya – Edited Version

Shukriya Edited Version

Listen to six selected songs from the new Hindi devotional album by Strings of David. The album is titled ‘Main Badal Gaya’ and you can buy the Audio CD with the complete list of tracks from a music store near you.

The previous album from Strings of David titled Jehova Ke Liye was a superhit. I loved all the songs from the album and that made me a great fan of this hindi devotional music band from North India.

Please remember that we have not given all the songs from this latest album ‘Main Badal Gaya’ here in TBTG. We are only allowing you to playback six selected songs from the new album which are titled Aye Khuda, Charno Mein, Dil Me Mere, Jag Ka Raja, Maulaa and Shukriya – Edited Version. I am sure that once you hear these six songs, you will very much want to buy the full CD with all the songs from Main Badal Gaya album.

I am so grateful to Lovey Curtis, the band leader, for giving this great opportunity to TBTG website to preview six of their latest songs from the album. This is indeed a great blessing to all readers of TBTG and thanks a lot to you my friend Lovey Curtis.

All of us will be praying for ‘Strings of David’ music band, for God to bless all the members in the band and for all of you to keep producing great music like these in the days to come. God Bless You All.

July 17th, 2011

Aye Khuda, Gir Gaya, Gir Gaya song

Aye Khuda

Play the song ‘Aye Khuda, Gir Gaya, Gir Gaya’ by Kshitij Tarey, Saim Bhat & Mithoon


Kaisi khala yeh dil mein basi hai = What are these empty spaces in my heart
Ab toh khataayein fitrat hi si hai = Now to commit mistakes has become my nature
Main hi hoon woh jo rehmat se gira = I am the one who fell from Thy mercy
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya = Oh! God, I fell I fell
Main jo tujhse door hua = Ever since I parted from you
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya = I lost everything
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

Kaisi khala yeh dil mein basi hai
Ab toh khataayein firat hi si hai
Main hi hoon woh jo rehmat se gira
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya
Aye khuda, aye khuda ..

Itni khataayein tu le kar chala hai = the burden of so many mistakes you carry
Daulat hi jaise tera ab khuda = It seems as if wealth is your only God
Har pal bitaaye jaise tu hawa hai = You spend every moment like a wind…
Gunah ke saaye mein chalta raha = blowing under the shadow of sins
Samandar sa beh kar tu chalta hi gaya = Like a ocean you were always in motion
Teri marzi poori ki, tune har dafaa = You always did what you pleased
Tu hi tera mujrim bandeya = You are guilty to your own self
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

Kyun judta iss jahaan se tu = Why you collect so worldly materials
Ik din yeh guzar hi jaayega = One day this all will pass away
Kitna bhi samayet le yahaan = No matter how much you accumulate
Mukti se fisal hi jaayega = One day all this will surely slip away from your hands (at the time of death)

Har shaksh hai dhool se bana = Every person is made of dust
Aur phir uss mein hi ja mila = and finally was reduced to dust
Yeh haqeeqat hai tu jaan le = This is the inevitable truth, you must realize this
Kyun sacch se munh hai pherta = Why you turn away from reality?

Chaahe jo bhi hasrat poori kar le = Full fill any desire of yours
Rukeygi na fitrat yeh samajh le = The Nature will never stop ( Rules of Nature will never change)
Mitt jaayegi teri hassti = Your existence will be erased.

Barh na paayega yeh dil bandeya = But your heart will never be full. (You will never be satisfied)
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

Agar tu soche tu hai gira = If You think you have fallen
Mere haath ko thaam uth zara = Hold my hand and Rise
Tere dil ke dar pe hoon khada = I am standing at your hearts gates
Mujhko apna le tu zara = Make me yours (Make me enter your heart)

Tu kahe tu hai saaye se girah = You say you are surrounded by shadows (darkness)
Teri raahon ka main noor hoon = I am the light of your paths
Tere gunah ko khud pe le liya = I take your Sins upon Myself
Meri nazaron mein bekasoor tu = In my eyes you are innocent (Almighty is the Forgiver)

Aisa koi manzar tu dikhla de = Show me such a sight
Mujhe koi shaksh se milwa de = Make me meet such a person
Aise koi dil se tu sunwa de = Let such a heart hear my tale
Ke zakhm koi usse na milaa = (The heart) which is free from all these wounds (of sins) (A heart which is pure)
Aye khuda, gir gaya, gir gaya
Main jo tujhse door hua
Lutt gaya, lutt gaya

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