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October 22nd, 2011

Divine Mercy – Malayalam Devotional Album

Divine Mercy music album

Divine Mercy – Malayalam Devotional Album by Santhosh Thomas & Lisy Santhosh

1. Sthuthichu Sthuthuchu Padidam – Wilson Piravom

Sthuthichu Sthuthuchu Padidam – WILSON PIRAVOM

2. Njan Orupadu – Najeem Irshad

Njan Orupadu – NAJEEM IRSHAD

3. Ee Lokajeevitham – Sisily

Ee Lokajeevitham – SISILY

4. Maranam Varumenna – Rajesh H

Maranam Varumenna – RAJESH H

5. Ee Bhuvithil – Gagul Joseph

Ee Bhuvithil – GAGUL JOSEPH

6. Sneham Kodukkukil – Sharon John

Sneham Kodukkukil – SHARON JOHN

7. Sakrari Thannil – Kester

Sakrari Thannil – KESTER

8. En Swanthamayathum – Elizabath Raju

En Swanthamayathum – ELIZABATH RAJU

9. Ororo Dhyanam – Wilson Piravom

Ororo Dhyanam – WILSON PIRAVOM

10. Nerinte Pathayil – Reshma Roy

Nerinte Pathayil – RESHMA ROY

11. Njan Orupadu – Sharon John

Njan Orupadu – SHARON JOHN

12. Yesuvinamme Mathave – Lisy Santhosh

Yesuvinamme Mathave – LISY SANTHOSH

Hear the 12 songs from the Malayalam devotional album Divine Mercy released in 2007. Lyrics by Santhosh Thomas & Lisy Santhosh. Music by Sumesh Koottickal. The songs in the divine mercy album are Sthuthichu Sthuthuchu Padidam, Njan Orupadu, Ee Lokajeevitham, Maranam Varumenna, Ee Bhuvithil, Sneham Kodukkukil, Sakrari Thannil, En Swanthamayathum, Ororo Dhyanam, Nerinte Pathayil,  Njan Orupadu and Yesuvinamme Mathave.

These songs are sung by a variety of christian devotional singers like Wilson Piravom, Najeem Irshad, Sisily, Rajesh H, Gagul Joseph, Sharon John, Kester, Elizabath Raju, Reshma Roy and Lisy Santhosh. You can playback all these songs from this page. If you want to have the mp3 files in your computer, please go ahead and buy the complete music cd of Divine Mercy which will only cost Rs. 65 only, from a music store near you.

They have also released a new devotional malayalam album on 15th February 2011. It’s called Divine Lord. Please visit  to buy the new album online.

October 19th, 2011

Ente Christmas – Malayalam Christmas Album

Ente Christmas music album

Ente Christmas – Malayalam Christmas Album from 2008

1. Annorunaalil


2. Badlahemile


3. Ee Thiruraavil

Ee Thiruraavil

4. Maanathoru


5. Paadam Paadam

Paadam Paadam

6. Sakala Janangal

Sakala Janangal

7. Sudinam Sudinam

Sudinam Sudinam

8. Unneeyurangu


Play the 8 malayalam Christmas MP3 songs given above. They are from the album Ente Christmas produced by Jino Kunnumpurath. Lyrics by Manoj Elavumkal. Music by Sejo John. The album was released in 2008 around Christmas time.

The eight songs include Annorunaalil, Badlahemile, Ee Thiruraavil, Maanathoru, Paadam Paadam, Sakala Janangal, Sudinam Sudinam and Unneeyurangu. Orchestration done by Madhu Paul and Jayan Kuravilangadu. Studios Film City, Ernakulam | Pala Communications. Mixed by Sundar.

You can only playback the songs given here. To download the above mallu Christmas songs, you need to buy the Audio CD available from any music store near you for Rs. 70. It will be worth it as you can check out them yourself from the above playback links given in this article.

Goto Malayalam Christmas Songs and Malayalam Christmas Album

Christmas season is fast approaching. We will be adding more and more Christmas Malayalam albums to our collection in TBTG. So stay tuned and keep checking the malayalam songs section in TBTG for new Christmas albums.

August 17th, 2011

Dhyana Geethangal

Dhyana Geethangal

Dhyana Geethangal album from Manorama Music

1. En Priyan Valamkarathil

En Priyan Valankarathil

2. Sthuthi Cheymanamae

Sthuthi Cheymanamae

3. Vazhthuka Nee

Vazhthuka Nee

4. Seeyon Sanchari

Seeyon Sanchari

5. Kripayerum


6. Nin Mahasneham

Nin Mahasneham

7. Azhalerum Jeevitha Maruvil

Azhalerum Jeevitha Maruvil

8. Prathiphalam Thaneeduvan

Prathiphalam Thaneeduvan

9. Yesuvinepole


10. En Yesu En Sangeetham

En Yesu En Sangeetham

11. Sthuthippin


Play each of these 11 malayalam christian devotional songs from Dhyana Geethangal released by Manorama Music in 2003. Singers include Markose, Sujatha and Kester. The song titles are En Priyan Valamkarathil, Sthuthi Cheymanamae, Vazhthuka Nee, Seeyon Sanchari, Kripayerum, Nin Mahasneham, Azhalerum Jeevitha Maruvil, Prathiphalam Thaneeduvan, Yesuvinepole, En Yesu En Sangeetham and Sthuthippin.

There are more volumes of Dhyana Geethangal released by Manorama Music. We will try to add those albums also. The audio CD is available in many of the music shops for just Rs. 75 only. I am sure these 11 songs will be loved by each and everyone of you who hear them patiently. The lyrics of the songs are simply superb and touching!

So go ahead, listen to En Priyan Valamkarathil, Sthuthi Cheymanamae, Vazhthuka Nee, Seeyon Sanchari, Kripayerum, Nin Mahasneham, Azhalerum Jeevitha Maruvil, Prathiphalam Thaneeduvan, Yesuvinepole, En Yesu En Sangeetham and Sthuthippin.

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