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St Thomas’ Cathedral – Mumbai, India

St Thomas\' Cathedral - Mumbai, India 01

Once the place of worship of the East India Company, the Anglican St Thomas’ Cathedral is believed to be the oldest British building in Mumbai. It was completed in 1718 in a Neoclassical/Gothic style and contains the tombs of many British parishioners.

History of St Thomas’ Cathedral

The Cathedral of St Thomas (named for the first apostle to India) was begun by Governor Aungier in 1676, but after his death the project was abandoned. The church stood neglected with walls 5 meters high for around 40 years until it was adopted by an East India Company chaplain around 1710.

St Thomas’, the first Anglican church in Mumbai, was finally opened on Christmas Day 1718. The cathedral was given the essential “cannon-ball-proof” roof and was originally divided into sections for different classes of society, including one for “Inferior Women.”

What to See at St Thomas’ Cathedral

St Thomas’ Cathedral is a blend of Neo-Classical and Neo-Gothic styles, with a white exterior.

The interior looks much the same today as it did in the 18th century, whitewashed and furnished with polished brass, wood and stained glass windows.

The walls are lined with ornate memorials to British parishioners, many of whom died young of disease or in battle.

Names:– St Thomas’ Cathedral
Type of site: – Cathedral
Faith:– Anglican Christianity
Status:– Active
Dates:– 1676-1718
Architecture:– Neoclassical and Neo-Gothic
Location:– Tamarind Street, downtown Mumbai, India
Hours:– Daily 6:30am-6pm
Cost:– Free

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