St. Alphonsa Muttathupadathu (The Passion Flower) is the first Indian woman to be elevated to sainthood. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1986 and decided as a saint by the pope Benedict XVI on March 1, 2008. She was canonized on October 12, 2008.

Given below are 15 songs about St. Alphonsa. All these Alphonsamma songs are in Malayalam language.


1. Parithraanakanam Eeso Poruka

Parithraanakanam Eeso Poruka

Play the song “Parithranakanam Eeso Poruka”


2.1 Malakhamarothu vaanil vazunnoru – Female Version

Melakhamarothu vaanil Female

Play the song “malakhamarothu vaanil vazunnoru” (female voice)


2.2 Malakhamarothu vaanil vazunnoru – Male Version

Melakhamarothu vaanil Male

Play the song “malakhamarothu vaanil vazunnoru” (male voice)


3. Amme Alphonsaame – by Biju Narayanan

Download : Amme-Alphonsaame

Play the song “Amme Alphonsaame”  by Biju Narayanan


4. Hrudayathin Kovilil – by Wilson Piravom

Download : Hrudayathin-Kovilil

Play the song “Hrudayathin Kovilil” by Wilson Piravom


5. Maarivillin – by Sujatha

Download : Maarivillin

Play the song “Maarivillin” by Sujatha


6. Muttathu Paadathin – by Cicily Abraham

Download : Muttathu-Paadathin

Play the song “Muttathu Paadathin”  by Cicily Abraham


7. Naatha Nin Thiru – by Vijay Yesudas

Download : Naatha-Nin-Thiru

Play the song “Naatha Nin Thiru”  by Vijay Yesudas


8. Oru Dhaanyamani (Female) – by Cicily Abraham

Download : Oru-Dhaanyamani-female

Play the song “Oru Dhaanyamani (Female)”  by Cicily Abraham


9. Oru Dhaanyamani (Male) – by Wilswaraj

Download : Oru-Dhaanyamani-male

Play the song “Oru Dhaanyamani (Male)”  by Wilswaraj


10. Pranaamam – by Unnimenon

Download : Pranaamam

Play the song  “Pranaamam”  by Unnimenon


11. Sahanamaam – by Wilson Piravom

Download : Sahanamaam

Play the song  “Sahanamaam” by Wilson Piravom


12. Sanystha Jeevitham – by Wilswaraj

Download : Sanystha-Jeevitham

Play the song “Sanystha Jeevitham”  by Wilswaraj


13. Sukruthiniyaayoru – by Kester

Download : Sukruthiniyaayoru

Play the song “Sukruthiniyaayoru”  by Kester


14. Surabhilaramyam – by Vijay Yesudas

Download : Surabhilaramyam

Play the song “Surabhilaramyam”  by Vijay Yesudas


15. Vella Lilly – by Sreenivas

Download : Vella-Lilly

Play the song “Vella Lilly”  by Sreenivas