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Prayer : Secret of Success

Jesus Prayer Secret of Success

“In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God.” (Luke 6:12 ESV)

It’s an undeniable fact that though one could lead a well planned life, unexpected things do creep in often. In situations like this, if not careful, it can open one to much pressure and confusion.

It’s good to learn how Jesus successfully managed his life in spite of a busy schedule. He was given the most important mission our planet has ever witnessed and he had to complete it within a very short time. One of the keys for his successful life-management is mentioned in today’s passage given above. Jesus had the habit of spending quality time in prayer.

Prayer is fellowshipping with God. It is spending time with the Father. The Bible, in multiple places, shows Jesus spending time in prayer, especially in the early morning and late night hours.

It was this rich communion with the Father that enabled Jesus to successfully accomplish his mission on a day-to-day basis. His prayer life helped him do the right thing at the right time. Though Jesus was fully divine, he could carry out his mission only as a result of his daily fellowship with the Father. Then, how much more do we need to spend time with God the Father, fellowshipping with him and receiving guidance from him.

It was after spending quality time with the Father that Jesus selected his twelve apostles and did a powerful miracle ministry (Luke 6:12-19). As in the case of our Lord, as you daily commune with God, he will give you instructions, ideas, abilities and resources to do the works he has called you to do. And the results will be tremendous.

Take time to fellowship with the Father daily.

Let that be one of the wonderful times that you look forward to every day.

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