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Please don’t ruin this beautiful Kashmir, India

Kashmir in India – ‘The Paradise on Earth’

Take a look at the 12 pictures given above. What do you feel? Just awesome, rt? These pictures are of Kashmir, a land heavily blessed by Nature, lying in the north most part of India.

Kashmir is full of flowers and sights worth watching. The people, who are living here for many years ,are all very understanding and helpful. Altogether it is a nice place to spend some long holidays for any Indian or foreigner.

But now the sad part of it comes. Kashmir has been heavily targeted by terrorists, to hide themselves and plan their operations. The reason for this is crystal clear, as next to Kashmir, lies India’s worst neighbour, Pakistan. I dunno what to say, but somehow, many terrorist people are infiltrating our borders from Pakistan and making this Kashmir a living hell!!! Atleast once a week, we hear about an explosion happening here in Jammu or Kashmir.

I have no personal grudge against Muslims, but 98% of these terrorists here in Kashmir are Muslim youths who are brain washed saying things like ‘Jihaad’ – Holy War – and all. Its time the Muslim community should rise up from their slumber and educate their youths what is Jihaad and what is its true meaning. They cannot allow their youths to be used in such cruel ways to massacre other people, especially the peace loving Indian people of Kashmir and Jammu.

Please, please don’t ruin this beautiful Kashmir,which is so blessed by Nature.

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