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July 4th, 2008

Prayer to Our Lady of Healing

Prayer to Our Lady of Healing:-

Our Lady, Health of the Sick,
I look to You for the comfort of a mother’s love,
I pray to You on behalf of those who are suffering
and for my own healing needs.

your love strengthens me
and brings me peace.

Our Lady,Health of the Sick,
embrace all who are emotionally and physically ill
that they may return to good health
under your tender care.
And please intercede for my very special needs
(mention your needs here).

your love strengthens me
and brings me peace.

July 3rd, 2008

St.Thomas Day – July 03

Hi friends, today, JULY 3rd, is the Feast Day of St.Thomas Apostle. So first of all, warm wishes to all with Thomas in their name. Today let us see what was so special in him among the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ.

SAINT THOMAS was one of the fishermen on the Lake of Galilee whom our Lord called to be His Apostles. By nature, slow to believe, too apt to see difficulties, and to look at the dark side of things, he had a most sympathetic, loving, and courageous heart. Once when Jesus spoke of the mansions in His Father’s house, St. Thomas, in his simplicity, asked : “Lord, we know not where You go, and how can we know the way ?”. When Jesus turned to go towards Bethany to the grave of Lazarus, the Apostle at once feared the worst for, his beloved Lord, yet cried out bravely to the rest : “Let us also go and die with Him.”

After the Resurrection, incredulity again prevailed, and while the wounds of the crucification were imprinted vividly on his affectionate mind, he would not credit the report that Christ had indeed risen. But at the actual sight of the pierced hands and side, and the gentle rebuke of his Saviour, unbelief was gone forever; and his faith and ours has ever triumphed in the joyous utterance into which he broke: “My Lord and my God !”

July 3rd, 2008

Virgin Mary Pictures 02

virgin mary pic heart virgin mary image with baby Jesus virgin mary pic in church virgin mary pic statue

virgin mary pic with jesus in hands virgin mary pic church

Here are some more Virgin Mary pictures. Mother Mary was born sin-free through immaculate conception in the womb of her mother. These images are of very large dimensions, so they are ideal to be set as wallpapers. More and more pics of Virgin Mary will be uploaded shortly. Click on the thumbnails for the original image.

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