New Malayalam Christian Songs

1. Aakasham Maarum Bhoothalayum Maarum

Aakasham Maarum

2. Israyelin Nathan Aayi Vaazhum Eka Daivam

Israyelin Nathan Aayi

3. Kunjilam Umma Tharaan Naathan Koode Vannu

Kunjilam Umma Tharaan

4. Vaanambadi Paadum Polennullam Vaazhthunnu

Vaanambadi Polennullam

5. Vazhiyarikil Pathikanaay Kaathu Nilkum Naathan

Vazhiyarikil Pathikanay

New Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 11 is finally here in TBTG and your wait for new Christian mallu songs is over. The five new devotional songs are Aakasham Maarum, Israyelin Nathan Aayi, Kunjilam Umma Tharaan, Vaanambadi Polennullam and Vazhiyarikil Pathikanay. These five songs are really blessed and beautiful. I am sure no one is there who have not yet heard the second song Israyelin Naathan, as it became a huge hit among the new christian malayalam songs.

We are sure that you all will love these and we will add more new devotional songs, in mallu language, but after some break. We had been adding Malayalam songs daily and now we think its time to concentrate on devotional songs in English and other languages. So a small goodbye to you from TBTG mallu team.We will meet again after one week with new fresh Christian Malayalam songs in MP3 format.

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