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Mother Mary Images – Set 16

Mother Mary Face

Mother Mary ImagesSet 16 is given right above. Take a look at each of the above 16 thumbnails and click on any you like, to see it in full size and dimensions. The many images of Mother Mary in all the other 15 sets are plenty, I know. But as a Marian, I would love to see more and more pictures of my heavenly mother as and when they are available on the Internet.

It gives me great pain to see some people always arguing with me telling me that we should not pray to Mother Mary. And that Catholics worship statues too. As the debate is so old, here are the links to those discussion pages for all of you who are new here.

Mother Mary Discussion Pages:

Mother Mary Video

Should we pray to Mother Mary?

Do Catholics Worship Statues And Saints?

After going through the two pages given above, I hope you will all be convinced about the real truth. So pray to Our Mother, our Gods Own Mother. May the Mother Mary images given above help you to keep her in your mind. Not enough images of Virgin Mary? See the pages given right below. These are the 15 sets of Virgin Mary images already here in TBTG website.

More Mother Mary Images Here:


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