Mallu Christian Songs

Mallu Christian Songs – Set 05 is here. Play these Christian Mallu MP3 songs.

1. Swarga Naattilen

Swarga Naattilen

2. Raajakan Maarude Raajave

Raajakan Maarude Raajave

3. Shaandha Raathri

Shaandha Raathri

4. Thalathil Vellameduthu

Thalathil Vellameduthu

5. Va Va Yesu Naatha

Va Va Yesu Naatha

Mallu Christian Songs – Set 05 is now here in TBTG. Play the five songs given above. The five mallu Christian songs included now are Swarga Naattilen, Raajakan Maarude Raajave, Shaandha Raathri, Thalathil Vellameduthu and Va Va Yesu Naatha. Hear these old mallu devotional Christian songs while waiting for the new set which we will make ready for you soon. If you happen to have any special song requests, say them in the comments section of this post. We will try our best to make it available to you at TBTG site.

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