Malayalam Jesus Songs

1. Jeevithathin Veedhiyil

Jeevithathin Veedhiyil

2. Koodu Vittoodiya

Koodu Vittoodiya

3. Mohathinte Therileri Pokaruthe

Mohathinte Therileri Pokaruthe

4. Orikalum Marakuvaan

Orikalum Marakuvaan

5. Vishwam Kaakunna Nathaa

Vishwam Kaakunna Nathaa

Malayalam Jesus Songs – Set 13 is here. The five new devotional Jesus songs are Jeevithathin Veedhiyil, Koodu Vittoodiya, Mohathinte Therileri Pokaruthe, Orikalum Marakuvaan and Vishwam Kaakunna Nathaa. These songs are from the Christian album Jesus.

From these five, my personal favorite is Mohathinte Therileri Pokaruthe song which tells us not to go after worldly pleasures and rather follow Jesus closely in our short life here on Earth. Hear all the five devotional songs given in this post. They are too lovely. You can playback these songs from this page as many times as you want.

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