Malayalam Songs

1. Athbhuthangal Theernittilla

Athbhuthangal Theernittilla

2. Aaraadhicheedam Kumbittaradhicheedaam

Aaraadhicheedam Kumbittaradhicheedaam

3. Daiva Sneham Varnichidaan

Daiva Sneham Varnichidaan

4. Onnu Vilichaal Odi Ente

Onnu Vilichaal Odi Ente

5. Thirunamakeerthanam Paaduvanallenkil

Thirunamakeerthanam Paaduvanallenkil

New Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 12 is in TBTG and now you have two sets with new Christian mallu songs, set 11 and 12. The five new devotional songs are Athbhuthangal Theernittilla, Aaraadhicheedam Kumbittaradhicheedaam, Daiva Sneham Varnichidaan, Onnu Vilichaal Odi Ente and Thirunamakeerthanam Paaduvanallenkil. These five songs are really wonderful ones.

My personal favorite is the first song Athbhuthangal Theernittilla, which tells that the miracles are yet not finished even in this modern era and the power of GOD has never been lessened. Hear it, its so good. The other four songs are famous Malayalam devotionals, you will be knowing them already.

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