Time to Worship

1. Aahlaada Chitharai Sankeerthanangalaal

Aahlaada Chitharai Sankeerthanangalaal

2. Aakaashathin Keezhil Veroru

Aakaashathin Keezhil

3. Daivathe Vazhthiduvin

Daivathe Vazhthiduvin

4. Gakultha Malayil Ninnum

Gakultha Malayil Ninnum

5. Maanushaa Nee Lokamakilam

Maanushaa Nee Lokamakilam

Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 07 has come too quickly after the set 06. You can hear the five songs listed here. They are Aahlaada Chitharai Sankeerthanangalaal, Aakaashathin Keezhil, Daivathe Vazhthiduvin, Gakultha Malayil Ninnum and Maanushaa Nee Lokamakilam.

These Malayalam Christian devotionals are too good to hear, especially the fourth one which is about Jesus on Calvary cross. Our song collection just got bigger as we met our pals recently who brought us a lot of old and new devotional malayalam songs in MP3 format. We will gradually add all of them to TBTG. Just stay tuned.

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