Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 03 is here. Listen to these Christian Malayalam MP3 songs.

1. Aakashathin Mahimaave

Aakashathin Mahimaave

2. Daiva Putranu Veedhi

Daiva Putranu Veedhi

3. Kaalithozhuthil Pirannavane

Kaalithozhuthil Pirannavane

4. Nithya Sahaaya Maathe

Nithya Sahaaya Maathe

5. Yesu Maathaave

Yesu Maathaave

Malayalam Christian Songs – Set 03 is here in TBTG. Just listen to the five songs given right above. I am sure you will love these old mallu christian songs. Song numbers 4 and 5 are praising Mother Mary. They are Nithya Sahaaya Maathe and Yesu Maathaave. Hear them once and I am sure you wont stop at one.

More christian devotional songs in malayalam language will be added later. Anyway this one is the third set of 5 mallu jesus songs in TBTG. The other two sets are also shown below.

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