Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam Christian Songs are here. Listen to these Christian Malayalam MP3 songs.

1. Njan Uragaan

Njan Uragaan song

2. Neeyente Prarthana

Neeyente song

3. Paavananaam

Paavanaanam Song

4. Hosana Hosana

Hosana song

5. Adhwaanikkunnavarkkum

Adhwaanikkunna song

Malayalam Christian songs – Set 02 is here in TBTG. We have given above popular malayalam christian songs, old ones. As I consider the world population as a whole, I know there are only very few who speak the Malayalam language. But still, as I am from this beautiful God’s own country Kerala in India, I would love to put some more Christian Malayalam songs here in this site. All of you can play these songs right from this page. The option to download these Christian Malayalam devotional songs is not provided here now.  So to all my pals in Kerala, please do hear these wonderful old Christian Malayalam songs, and so we praise Him together. Hosana Hosana. (To see the first set of Malayalam Christian songs, click the red link given below)

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