Kester Devotional Singer

1. Amme Amme Thaye Ammakkeka Makane

Amme Amme Thaaye by Kester

2. Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal

Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal by Kester

3. Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu

Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu by Kester

4. Chenchora Ozhugum

Chenchora Ozhugum by Kester

5. Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye

Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye

These 5 Malayalam Christian devotional songs given above are from Kester, the devotional mallu singer from Kerala. These 5 songs include Amme Amme Thaaye Ammakkeka Makane, Aa Viral Thumbonnu Thottal, Aradhikunnu Aradhikunnu, Chenchora Ozhugum and Daivathin Puthranam Eesho Mishihaye. The first song ‘Amme Amme Thaaye’ is a very popular song asking Mother Mary’s help to guide us through the troubles of life.

There are a lot of good malayalam Christian devotional songs sung by Kester. Thanks to our friend Bijoy who is sharing with us his entire collection of Kester Malayalam MP3 songs, through the new ‘upload your files’ feature in TBTG website. You can see the button towards the top left side and can contribute your files too. God Bless You All. Lets praise our God together with Kester using these lovely devotional songs sung by Kester.

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