Strings of David music band

Main Badal Gaya – Latest Hindi Album from Strings of David

1. Aye Khuda

Aye Khuda

2. Charno Mein

Charno Mein

3. Dil Me Mere

Dil Me Mere

4. Jag Ka Raja

Jag Ka Raja

5. Maulaa


6. Shukriya – Edited Version

Shukriya Edited Version

Listen to six selected songs from the new Hindi devotional album by Strings of David. The album is titled ‘Main Badal Gaya’ and you can buy the Audio CD with the complete list of tracks from a music store near you.

The previous album from Strings of David titled Jehova Ke Liye was a superhit. I loved all the songs from the album and that made me a great fan of this hindi devotional music band from North India.

Please remember that we have not given all the songs from this latest album ‘Main Badal Gaya’ here in TBTG. We are only allowing you to playback six selected songs from the new album which are titled Aye Khuda, Charno Mein, Dil Me Mere, Jag Ka Raja, Maulaa and Shukriya – Edited Version. I am sure that once you hear these six songs, you will very much want to buy the full CD with all the songs from Main Badal Gaya album.

I am so grateful to Lovey Curtis, the band leader, for giving this great opportunity to TBTG website to preview six of their latest songs from the album. This is indeed a great blessing to all readers of TBTG and thanks a lot to you my friend Lovey Curtis.

All of us will be praying for ‘Strings of David’ music band, for God to bless all the members in the band and for all of you to keep producing great music like these in the days to come. God Bless You All.