Latest Tamil Christian Songs

Latest Tamil Christian Songs are added here.

Tamil devotional Christian songs of 2010, the latest ones are here. Play them below.

1. Daivam Ootrum Saaralil

Daivam Ootrum Saaralil

2. En Manavalla Yesu Maharaja

En Manavalla Yesu Maharaja

3. Enathu Ullam Yaaruku Therium

Enathu Ullam Yaaruku Therium

4. Vazhiyana En Devane

Vazhiyana En Devane

5. Yesappa – Akkiniyin Kattru

Yesappa – Akkiniyin Kattru

Considering the constant continued request for tamil christian songs, we are adding five latest Tamil Christian songs from year 2010. The 5 tamil Christian tracks given above are fresh songs. The MP3s are titled as Daivam Ootrum Saaralil, En Manavalla Yesu Maharaja, Enathu Ullam Yaaruku Therium, Vazhiyana En Devane and Yesappa – Akkiniyin Kattru. My personal favourite is the first one titled Daivam Ootrum Saaralil song.

You can play the above songs as much as you like and share this page with your friends to give them the chance to hear these lovely new Christian Tamil songs for free. We will add more new Tamil Christian songs here. So stay tuned.

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