Kester Malayalam Christian Songs

Malayalam Christian Songs by Kester, the famous devotional singer.

1. Israeley Sthuthichidukaa by Kester

Israeley Sthuthichidukaa by Kester

2. Jeevitha Vedhiyil by Kester

Jeevitha Vedhiyil by Kester

3. Ninte Thakarchayil by Kester

Ninte Thakarchayil by Kester

4. Nithya Snehathal by Kester

Nithya Snehathal by Kester

5. Pettamma Marannalum by Kester

Pettamma Marannalum by Kester

Five devotional songs in Malayalam sung by Kester is given in this song set. They are Israeley Sthuthichidukaa, Jeevitha Vedhiyil, Ninte Thakarchayil, Nithya Snehathal and Pettamma Marannalum. I cant pick a favorite this time from this set of 5 songs as all the five are superb Christian songs by Kester. Please play all the 5 Malayalam Christian songs given in this post.

We are very grateful to Mr. Bijoy Varghese, who took his time and uploaded these Kester songs to TBTG using the new Upload Your Files feature made available here, one week ago. He is adding more files so that we can share that too with you all. I hope this will inspire more and more people to share any good Christian material that they have, among all the other readers of this Christian blog.

So friends, if you have anything useful for a Christian’s life, please upload the files now.

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