Jesus Resurrection Pictures 06

Jesus Resurrection Pictures 06

Jesus Resurrection Pictures 06

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  1. I am a writer and poet in need of pictures for my first book.Free sampleInspired by Psalm 40
    Song of the Messiah

    Behold I come as prophesied, I am
    The Holy One Christ the Son of David
    The Great High Priest King of Kings.
    Upon my heart is written God’s Law.
    The Good News is hidden in My heart.
    With all, I will share its blessings.

    I delight to do My Father’s Will. To all,
    I will testify of God’s grace and mercy;
    Hear My Words and learn the truth;
    Find the path that leads to salvation.
    I will proclaim God’s Good News;
    From My Words flow rivers of life.

    To all who believe, I give eternal life.
    Hear My Words, and they will be
    A light and a lamp unto your feet.
    Follow My Words so you might receive
    As God’s children all God’s blessings;
    His salvation and eternal peace.

    Ann McCormack Moore

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