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Jesus Wallpaper Pictures – Image set 19

Jesus returning with parents Mary and Joseph to Nazareth

Jesus Wallpaper Pictures article is the 19th set of pictures of Jesus we have on this website. These 20 wallpapers depicting scenes from Jesus’ life are of extremely High Quality. They are of huge dimensions, so that each one is ideal to be used as wallpaper on your desktop.

Watching all these, from pic 1 to 20, take us along the life of Jesus until His ascension to heaven. Let us keep any one from these, so that we may never forget what Jesus, son gof God, did to save our lives. We may not understand each and every step Jesus took in his life, his peculiar stand at some times on a subject etc, but we know one thing from the life of Jesus and that is Jesus is the Lord himself.

Talking about Jesus wallpaper pictures, I remember one thing. I have many Muslim friends who argue to me constantly that Jesus was only a prophet like Ibrahim. Well, I don’t want to hurt you friends, but remember the truth will always be the truth however strong or even if many people say the  same thing. Because we have passed that stage and we very well know about the holy trinity.

Anyway you guys stay fine and we don’t have much time for all these unimportant debates. Check all the above given Jesus wallpaper pictures and links to many more pages with Jesus pictures are given right below.

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