Rexband Malayalam Album Jeevachaitanyam

Jeevachaitanyam is the latest malayalam album from Rexband. It was released during the JY jubilee conference 2010 which happened in the month of December 2010. The malayalam devotional album contains 11 amazing worship melodies by Rexband. Please listen to them given right below, by clicking on the play button.

1. Alfayam Chaithannyame

Alfayam Chaithannyame

2. Aaradhanakalil


3. Ariyunnu Nadha

Ariyunnu Nadha

4. Aa Thrukkaikalal

Aa Thrukkaikalal

5. Christuvin Kuleenatha

Christuvin Kuleenatha

6. Visannu Valayum

Visannu Valayum

7. Vachanamai


8. Aardhratha Vazhiyum

Aardhratha Vazhiyum

9. Kalvarikkunnin


10. Ninte Divya Sannidhiyil

Ninte Divya Sannidhiyil

11. Ee Jenmmathin Saram

Ee Jenmmathin Saram

We hope all of you loved all the 11 songs from Jeevachaitanyam malayalam album from Rexband. The christian music band has released many devotional albums, mostly in english language. The malayalam albums of Rexband are only very few in number and Jeevachaitanyam is a very good one among them. So go ahead and listen to each of these malayalam rexband songs given at the top of this article. God bless you all.

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