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Hindi Christmas Songs – 10 Christmas Hindi MP3

1. Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume

Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume

2. Aaya Christmas Pyaara

Aaya Christmas Pyaara

3. Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai

Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai

4. Christmas Ka Ye Mausam

Christmas Ka Ye Mausam

5. Gloria Gloria

Gloria Gloria

6. Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai

Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai

7. Khushiya Manaaye

Khushiya Manaaye

8. Shaanti Ki Raath

Shaanti Ki Raath

9. Silent Night

Silent Night hindi song

10. Yesu Janma Hai

Yesu Janma Hai

Listen to the 10 Hindi Christmas songs given above. These are pretty old Christmas hindi songs. You can hear each one by clicking on the play button after each song name.

The ten hindi songs in this post are Aao Kahaani Sunaye Tume, Aaya Christmas Pyaara, Aaya Hai Yeshu Aaya Hai, Christmas Ka Ye Mausam, Gloria Gloria, Hallelujah Yesu Janma Hai, Khushiya Manaaye, Shaanti Ki Raath, Silent Night and Yesu Janma Hai. Its almost christmas time and we will be adding more and more hindi Christmas songs to our collection in this website. So keep checking the Hindi songs section.

We are really grateful to our dearest friend Rashmi Priyanka who had provided all these hindi christmas songs. Thank you so much Rashmi. We appreciate your efforts to share these mp3 songs with other readers of TBTG.

Meanwhile we are looking forward to add new hindi Christmas songs also. So if anyone of you are having new Christmas songs in hindi, please share it with us so that we can publish them for playback on TBTG website this Christmas season.