Hindi Christian Jesus Songs

Hindi Christian Songs are here. Listen to these Christian Hindi songs or MP3.

1. Yesu Masi Tere Jaisa – – – song by YESHUA Band (Mumbai)

Yesu Masi Tere Jaisa song

2. Ibadat Karo – – – song by Aneel Kant, Shreya Kant and Reena Kant

Ibadat Karo song

3. Yeshu Salib Par Mua – – – song by Shawn Milton

Yeshu Salib Par Mua song

4. Tu Mere Dil Ka Hai Aziz – – – song by Ron Milton

Tu Mere Dil Ka Hai Aziz song

5. Dukh Mere Pap Mere – – – song by Regi Milton

Dukh Mere Pap Mere song

Hindi is the name given to various Indo-Aryan languages, dialects, and language registers spoken in northern and central India, Pakistan, Fiji, Mauritius, and Suriname. “Hindi” refers to the Hindi languages, a culturally defined part of a dialect continuum that covers the “Hindi belt” of northern India. It includes Bhojpuri, an important language not only of India but of Suriname and Mauritius, where it is called Hindi or Hindustani; and Awadhi, a medieval literary standard in India and the Hindi of Fiji.

Three other traditional varieties of Hindi – Maithili, Chhattisgarhi, and Dogri(“Pahari”) have recently been accorded status as official languages of their respective states. Despite the fact that it is in many ways indistinguishable from local Hindi, Urdu, as the principal language of India’s large Muslim population and an official language of Pakistan, is often excluded from the purview of the label “Hindi” in India and Pakistan, though the language of Muslims may be included as Hindi or Hindustani in other countries where the language is spoken. Listen to these hindustani christian songs for free.

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