God’s Love song – Ray Smith

Play the song God’s Love by Ray Smith


Our God is our fortress
Our strength in times of need
He is our salvation
He cares for His sheep

Our king and Brother Jesus
Who came down from above
Paid the price for man’s sin
Because of God’s Love

The wicked shall be ashes
Under the Saints feet
When the angels gather,
all of His sheep

The dead in Christ shall rise
They shall shine bright like the stars
They will live forever
In God’s Love

Rejoice and be happy
Let joy rule your hearts
For Christ will not forget us
His Word tells us so

God’s word is truth
God’s word is life
Rejoice and be happy
Because of God’s Love

When Christ shall return
Peace shall abound
When we’re in His Kingdom
No evil shall be found

Rejoice and stay faithful
Till Christ comes from above
We shall see His face
Because of God’s love
We shall see His face
Because of God’s love