Free Telugu Christian Songs

Telugu Christian Songs – Set 2 is here in TBTG today.

Play these 5 Telugu Christian songs for free from this page.

1. Aanamdam Amara Aanamdam

Aanamdam Amara Aanamdam

2. Aathma Nimpumaa

Aathma Nimpumaa

3. Bhasillenu Siluvalo

Bhasillenu Siluvalo

4. Devuni Vaarasulam

Devuni Vaarasulam

5. Devuniki Sthothramu

Devuniki Sthothramu

Click on the Play buttons for the above 5 free Telugu christian songs. This second set contains Aanamdam Amara Aanamdam, Aathma Nimpumaa, Bhasillenu Siluvalo, Devuni Vaarasulam and Devuniki Sthothramu songs. These are old Telugu christian songs. We had decided that we will start with the old Telugu songs and then move on to the new Christian songs in Telugu language.

You can play these five old Telugu Christian songs for free from this web page, as long as you wish. Wait a while because the third set of Telugu songs will be coming soon.

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