Father Forgive Us

Father forgive us
We know not what we do,
Were killing our brothers
in the name of you.

Fighting for freedom
With Unholy war,
Show us you mercy
We’re standing at the door.

Father forgive them
They know not what they do,
Killing their children,
They belong to you.

Unwilling to love them
care for them with your love,
killing the life you gave,
how many more?

Your mother she cared for you
Watched you grow up strong,
Doing your Fathers will,
you would not be here long.

You sent us your mercy
wrapped up in love,
Your power ripped the grave clothes,
death could not hold you!

You died to atone for us,
And to cleanse us from sin,
The way to salvation,
And to live in you again!

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson