Abhisheka Samrudhi

Listen to Divine Retreat Centre devotional songs

1. Alivodinnenne Thoduvo Nathaa


2. Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave (Female)

Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave (F)

3. Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave (Male)

Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave (M)

4. Daivame Nin Mahasneham

Daivame Nin

5. Enikellaam Tharum En Daivam

Enikellaam Tharum

6. Ente Daivam Ennum Ente koodeyundallo

Ente Daivam Ennum

7. Ente Daivam Thante Mahatwathin

Ente Daivam Thante

8. Kannuneerinte Aayakadalil


9. Krupakku Mele Krupayaal Nirayaam

Krupakku Mele

10. Perumazha Pol Peythirangatte

Perumazha Pol

11. Ponnunni Eshoye Daivaputhra

Ponnunni Eshoye

12. Samruthi Anugraha Samruthi


13. Ullam Kaiyyil ninne Paalichittum

Ullam Kaiyyil

14. Yeshuvin Paurohityam Nithyamaam


15. Yuva Janagale Ithile Ithile

Yuva Janagale

Divine Retreat Centre malayalam devotional songs are available for playback here. You can play the 15 divine retreat songs using the Play button below each song title. The title of this devotional album is Abhisheka Samrudhi. All the songs are so lovely and toucing and really gives us great anointing.

The list of Divine Retreat Centre songs included in this Abhisheka Samrudhi album are Alivodinnenne Thoduvo Nathaa, Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave (Male and Female versions), Daivame Nin Mahasneham, Enikellaam Tharum En Daivam, Ente Daivam Ennum Ente koodeyundallo, Ente Daivam Thante Mahatwathin, Kannuneerinte Aayakadalil, Krupakku Mele Krupayaal Nirayaam, Perumazha Pol Peythirangatte, Ponnunni Eshoye Daivaputhra, Samruthi Anugraha Samruthi, Ullam Kaiyyil ninne Paalichittum, Yeshuvin Paurohityam Nithyamaam Paurohityam and Yuva Janagale Ithile Ithile. The singers who sang these beautiful devotional malayalam songs include K.G.Markose, Kester, Manoj Krishnan, Biju Karukutty and Deepa. Music is done by Francis D’Souza.

The main highlight of this malayalam devotional music album is the song ‘Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave’ in both male and female versions. This song is now so popular and is considered as one of the best songs for asking Mother Mary’s intercession. The lyrics and tune of Amalolbhavayaam Maathaave song are so superb that any marian will just love this one a lot.

We cannot offer these Divine Retreat Centre songs for free download here from this page. So if you like these songs and want to get hold of the audio CD, please go ahead and purchase the album ‘Abhisheka Samrudhi’ by Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Chalakudy. This audio CD should be available in your nearest usic store. God bless you all.