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Decide What You Want To Accomplish In 2012

Decide What You Want To Accomplish In 2012

If you really want to have 2012 as a new beginning, you got to decide what you want to accomplish this year. It’s not enough that you have a desire. You need to have a plan, a goal or a vision.

I know some folks who say that they will not make a plan because they are afraid that by doing so, they may miss the plan of God! But that’s not true. You may be familiar with this adage: “It is difficult to steer a parked vehicle. But when it starts moving, it’s easy to direct it”.

As we look around, we find that comparatively, it’s those who don’t have a vision suffer discouragement than those who do have a vision. That is why Proverbs 29:18 declares: Where there is no (prophetic) vision, the people are discouraged.

However, when you prayerfully create a goal, the amazing thing is, God starts working on your behalf. Besides, discouragement wouldn’t be found anymore!

Here are 3 smart tips that help you in creating your goal for 2012.

1. Check your passion

What are you passionate about? If you can do only one thing in life, what would be that one thing? Your goal must be closely connected to your passion.

2. Check what you dislike

What do you consider as “I can’t stand it!”? What stuff, situation or scenario produces a (righteous) anger in you? Though you may not realize, your God-ordained purpose is connected to that! Incorporate it into your goal.

3. Check your track record

What have you been through the past 5 years, especially 2011? It may be a mixture of good and not-so-good circumstances. But God used them to prepare you for 2012. Seeing these from a ‘mountain-top’ angle will help you create a ‘heavenly’ and realistic goal.

So, remember: it’s your decision to accomplish something specific that helps you begin 2012 afresh!

In the next post, we are going to deal with the third step to starting 2012 afresh. Meantime, what are some of the past experiences that help you in creating your 2012 goal? Pen your comments below in the comments section.

– – – written by Joe Abraham from

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