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Christian Songs in Telugu

Christian songs in Telugu

Christian Songs in Telugu – Set 6 is here in this website.

1. Jeevadipathiyesu


2. Jeevaharam


3. Maa Devuniki Sthotram

Maa Devuniki Sthotram

4. Maaloni Premanu

Maaloni Premanu

5. Madhuram Madhuram

Madhuram Madhuram

Play the 5 christian songs in Telugu language given right above. This is the 6th set of Telugu christian songs in TBTG. The songs included in this post are Jeevadipathiyesu, Jeevaharam, Maa Devuniki Sthotram, Maaloni Premanu and Madhuram Madhuram. Hear these old telugu songs from the 1970’s.

We have more devotional songs in Telugu language left with us and we will be posting those old Telugu MP3s soon in TBTG. Turn your volume to the maximum and enjoy these songs in Telugu namely Jeevadipathiyesu, Jeevaharam, Maa Devuniki Sthotram, Maaloni Premanu and Madhuram Madhuram. If you have more Telugu christian songs, old or new, please share it with us using the ‘Upload Your Files’ button at the top left side of this website.

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