Malayalam Devotional MP3

1. Srishtykale Stuti Paaduvin

Srishtykale Stuti Paaduvin

2. Nirmalamaayoru Hridayamennil

Nirmalamaayoru Hridayamennil

3. Malayattoor Malayum Kayari

Malayattoor Malayum Kayari

4. Pavanathmaave Nee Varename

Pavanathmaave Nee Varename

5. Daivame Nin Geham

Daivame Nin Geham

Christian Malayalam Songs – Set 06 is now here in TBTG. You can playback the five songs given above. The five mallu Christian songs included now are Srishtykale Stuti Paaduvin, Nirmalamaayoru Hridayamennil, Malayattoor Malayum Kayari, Pavanathmaave Nee Varename and Daivame Nin Geham.

These old mallu devotional Christian songs are very much loved by all the mallu people. Our old song collection is going to end soon and we are almost ready with 100s of new Christian Malayalam songs by now. Please wait a little more to see them on TBTG.

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