Christian Hindi Songs

Christian Hindi Songs appear for third time in TBTG. Listen to these Hindi devotional songs or MP3s.

1. Yeshu Tu Mahan Hai

Yeshu Tu Mahan Hai

2. Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

Ye Bandh aakahe kol kar

3. Sahaara Mujko Chaahiye

Sahaara Mujko Chaahiye

4. Neelae aasman

Neelae aasman

5. Aao hum yahova ke liye

Aao hum yahova ke liye

Christian Hindi songs – Third set of 5 songs are given above. You can playback any of them from this page. Anyway the option to download them is not provided for now. But never mind, you can bookmark this page and play these songs any time you want, as long as you want. Sounds cool, right?

Basically this site is in English and there are over 500 english christian songs here in TBTG site. So these 5 song sets of other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam appear here due to the continued request from a lot of people demanding devotional songs from these other languages too. For those who cant make out these songs, don’t worry. I will be soon back to my job of adding English Christian songs here.

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