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Christ The King Church Pics

Christ The King Church 01

Churches do have an important part to play in shaping a Christians life. It is the Home of our Lord, which should be kept neat, clean and beautiful. Yes, God will hear our prayers irrespective of whether we pray from our homes or church. But the church gives us a serene atmosphere to do so, so that we can pray with cent percent concentration. (Yes, You can if You try).  Also God gives special consideration to prayers offered as a group.

The statues there at the church are not for statue-worship but they just remind us of Our Lord in Heaven and urges us to pray to Him. Same is the case with the statues of Saints. They remind us of the great life a saint had lived and urges us to lead a similar life and pray for their Intercession. So a church helps us in so many different ways.

The 8 Pics given above are taken from the newly constructed CHRIST THE KING CHURCH, Ettumanoor, Kottayam, Kerala, India. The church is really beautiful. Anyone who gets inside will be forced to pray to the Almighty, such is its construction. Yes, when we build a Home for God, we should do it in the best way, as these Kerala people have done here. Take a look.

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