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December 15th, 2013

Malayalam Christmas Songs – Old and New Christmas MP3s

Old and New Christmas MP3s

Malayalam Christmas Songs – Old and New Christmas MP3 Songs

1. Aakasataaram
2. Annoru Ravathil
Annoru Ravathil
3. Bethlahem Jaathane
Bethlahem Jaathane
4. Bethlahemil Ravil
Bethlahemil Ravil
5. Christmas Ananju
Christmas Ananju
6. Christmas Ravananjna
Christmas Ravananjna
7. Deivaputhran
8. Deivam Pirakkunu
Deivam Pirakkunu
9. Doore Ninnum
Doore Ninnum
10. Kaali Thozhuthil
Kaali Thozhuthil
11. Kanyasuthane
12. Kathukale Kelkkunnuvo
Kathukale Kelkkunnuvo
13. Katte Katte Nee Vaa
Katte Katte Nee Vaa
14. Kaval Malagamare
Kaval Malagamare
15. Kulir Choodum
Kulir Choodum
16. Malagamaarude
17. Malakhamar Paadi
Malakhamar Paadi
18. Malakhavrindam
19. Manjum Thanuppum
Manjum Thanuppum
20. Manju Pothiyunna
Manju Pothiyunna
21. Manninum Poovinum
Manninum Poovinum
22. Merry Merry Merry Christmas
Merry Merry Merry Christmas
23. Ninne Vanangidunnu
Ninne Vanangidunnu
24. Nirmala Maname
Nirmala Maname
25. Paithalam Yesuve
Paithalam Yesuve
26. Paril Pirannu Devan
Paril Pirannu Devan
27. Pathiravayoru Neram
Pathiravayoru Neram
28. Patiraavil Bethlehemil
Patiraavil Bethlehemil
29. Ponnu Meera Kundirikkam
Ponnu Meera Kundirikkam
30. Poonthennal
31. Pulkootil Vazhunna
Pulkootil Vazhunna
32. Puthiyoru Pulari
Puthiyoru Pulari
33. Rajavin Rajavezhunnallunu
Rajavin Rajavezhunnallunu
34. Rareeram Paadi Urakkam
Rareeram Paadi Urakkam
35. Rathri Rathri
Rathri Rathri
36. Shaandha Raathri
Shaandha Raathri
37. Thaaram Neela Vaanil
Thaaram Neela Vaanil
38. Tharakale
39. Thumbappoo Polulla
Thumbappoo Polulla
40. Unni Yesu Piranna Rathri
Unni Yesu Piranna Rathri
41. Unniyessu Nathane
Unniyessu Nathane
42. Vaanil Sangeetham
Vaanil Sangeetham
43. Vidarnnitunna Punchiri
Vidarnnitunna Punchiri
44. Yehoodhiyayile

Given above are 44 Christmas songs in Malayalam language. These MP3 songs can be played back from this page. They consist of both old and new Malayalam Christmas songs. Just click on the Play button under each song title and the song will start in one or two seconds.

Its Christmas season again and so we thought this will be the best Christmas gift to all those Malayalis around the world.  We hope you all love each and every one of the above mallu Christmas songs. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas season this year.

October 26th, 2013

Viviliya Thuligal – New Tamil Christian MP3 Songs 2013

New Tamil Christian MP3 Songs 2013

New 2013 Tamil Christian Songs from album ‘Viviliya Thuligal’

Please listen to these new tamil christian mp3 songs from 2013. Click on the play button under each song to play the song online.

1. Aalayamey

2. Aasirvathium

3. Christmas Song

4. Kaayamuttra

5. Naan Mahilnthiduven

6. Paavathin

7. Paralogam

8. Sorga Vassal

9. Ummai Pola

10. Vaalvu Undu

Viviliya Thuligal is a christian tamil album produced by Mr.Rajasekhar Thankamony in 2013. This tamil devotional album comprises of 10 mp3 songs namely Aalayamey, Aasirvathium, Christmas Song, Kaayamuttra, Naan Mahilnthiduven, Paavathin, Paralogam, Sorga Vassal, Ummai Pola and Vaalvu Undu.

You can just click on the play buttons under each of the song titles to play and hear the song online from this web page. We will be posting more new Tamil christian devotional songs in this website soon. Stay tuned. God bless you all.

August 25th, 2013

Kurisumai Koodevaran – Malayalam Christian Album

Kurisumai Koodevaran

Album : Kurisumai Koodevaran
Composer: Fr. Louimariyadas

1. Ange Thirumurivukalil – Kester

Ange Thirumurivukalil – Kester

2. Ange Thirumurivukalil – Elizabeth

Ange Thirumurivukalil – Elizabeth

3. Ellaam Nin Daanamalle Easo – Fr. Louimariyadas

Ellaam Nin Daanamalle Easo – Fr. Louimariyadas

4. Ellaam Nin Danamalle Easo – Uma Vinod

Ellaam Nin Danamalle Easo – Uma Vinod

5. Idayanaam Udayon – Kester

Idayanaam Udayon – Kester

6. Divya Kaarunyamai – Vinod

Divya Kaarunyamai – Vinod

7. Paadathil Ambilikkala – Bijunarayan

Paadathil Ambilikkala – Bijunarayan

8. Prabhathamunarnnu – K.G. Markose

Prabhathamunarnnu – K.G. Markose

9. Vinnile Venmanju – M.G. Sreekumar

Vinnile Venmanju – M.G. Sreekumar

10. Manassinte Manicheppil – G. Venugopal

Manassinte Manicheppil – G. Venugopal

11. Maanassa Veenayil – Bijunarayanan

Maanassa Veenayil – Bijunarayanan

Click on the play button under each of the above Malayalam devotional songs from the album ‘Kurisumai Koodevaran’. This beautiful album is composed by Fr. Louimariyadas.

The 11 tracks in this mallu christian devotional album include Ange Thirumurivukalil – Kester, Ellaam Nin Daanamalle Easo – Fr. Louimariyadas, Idayanaam Udayon – Kester, Divya Kaarunyamai – Vinod, Paadathil Ambilikkala – Bijunarayan, Prabhathamunarnnu – K.G. Markose, Vinnile Venmanju – M.G. Sreekumar, Manassinte Manicheppil – G. Venugopal, Ellaam Nin Danamalle Easo – Uma Vinod, Maanassa Veenayil – Bijunarayanan and Ange Thirumurivukalil – Elizabeth.

My personal favorite among these 11 songs is the song ‘Ange thirumurivukalil enne marakkename, Ange thiruhrudayathil enne eruthename’. Please listen to this song, either the male version by Kester or the female version by Elizabeth. This song will surely touch you as it had touched me and millions around the world. God bless you all.

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