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  1. Ok. i completely disagree with abortion! It is murder. if you got pregnant then that is a responsibility that you have to take on and not just throw the baby away! There is alot of couples out there that cant have babies and would love to adopt a baby! If you didnt wanna have a baby or dont then DONT HAVE SEX!

  2. i can’t believe you would do this kind of thing to a live human being! how would you feel if you were that baby. i know it couldn’t think yet or anything. but i mean it’s still a person! if you don’t wanna to have a baby then don’t get pregnant. having an abortion is the exact same thing as if you went out on the street and shot someone till they were dead. you should really be ashamed of yourself!! and think about what you did.

  3. They don’t know what’s happening to them, it’s not so bad. You know why they don’t know? Cause they’re just fetuses! Go help some real humans who are suffering.

    And for you Christians: Isn’t it true that it’s better to never have been born than to miss out on salvation? And isn’t it true that most of us are “damned”? And finally isn’t it also true that all “babies” go to heaven (according to your beliefs)?

    Then be grateful that the little fetuses are going to Heaven, which doesn’t even exist.

  4. Anything that is growing is something that is living…. here our society is worried about makng a green world to save tree and etc what about these hepless babies? I believe the united states is fucked up here they will save petty things and arrest people for like animal abuse and murdering. Abortion is a murder….u are killing a baby….. our next generation… our goverment is fucked excuse my language but u kw what to many americans can make mistakes and not really have to take responsibility for their actions…. u played so now u take care of what u created or give it a chance at a better life…. there are so many people that cant have kids and they would love to have the baby these people dont want.
  5. i believe abortion is wrong i completely disagree if u dont want the baby at least give a loving home with people who want it. what would u think if ur mom gave u up to abortion and it is wrong they need to have a life and they should be able to live there life just like we lived ours. its stupid and immature and wrong i am against it and it is one of the ten cammandments its against my religion and gods rule and it should not be legal!

  6. The fact is that at that point the child has not developed any sense of life. It is merely an idea, like god. Some believe it is life, but scientifically it has no meaning. The act of sex and the act of early term abortions go hand in hand. Blocking the sperm with a contraceptive method such as a condom is murder in the same way. Personally I believe that the child would not have had a very good life anyways. If god was in control of everything he would not allow murder of an innocent by it’s own mother. Many biblical stories provide an ironic relation to the idea of abortion, and all prove the fact that religion can corrupt.

  7. Abortion is wrong on all accounts. As soon as a woman thinks she MIGHT be pregnant, that child has arms, legs, and eyes. You will never see an aborted baby that was just a blob. And yes, they can feel. I don’t understand how anyone could look at the picture above and still be for abortion. You guys worry about the trees and the turtles but when it comes to babies you won’t give even one cent to save thier life. You cry for the dogs and make commercials to put sympathy in our hearts for abused animals but you don’t even blink when someone shows you a picture like the one above. You people make me sick. Your animals. Your heartless. Your no better than the Nazis who tortured people and then threw them in huge body piles, that put them in gas chambers and cremated them alive. You guys make me sick to my stomach. You should be ashamed. Abortion is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

  8. Hey Monica how about we rip your legs off. I mean your just a living human right? And it’s just a fetus right. Fetuses are babies. That’s how you started and everyone else too. If you believe this is okay then you should suffer.

  9. If you bring life into this world you better own up to it, those remains should not be in a jar in a museum display but rather sent to the couple asap.

  10. Guys, guys, guys… as much as I respect what you all have to say about this topic, I must make a comeback with something perhaps you have not thought about. Rape. When you have been a victim of rape, and didn’t even have a single chance to defend yourself during the act in itself, and get pregnant… you pretty much shut off completely. This might sound extremely horrible, and I think so too, but if you would get pregnant by rape, especially at a young age, you want nothing more than to get the baby out of you. You feel guilty, both because of the rape for various reasons and because of how you potentially feel towards the fetus. Sure, there are those that keep the babies, but I did not since I was only fourteen of age and my virginity was lost due to those rapists that consumed my entire being in just a matter of an hour. I was pretty much dead inside after that happened, and I still am even though a few years have passed, and when I noticed that I hadn’t gotten my period, I checked if I was pregnant. Which I was. It was the most horrible day of my life so far and all I could think of was, ‘Oh god, I can’t live with this. I can’t live with the memory of what those men did to me…’
    I know it’s extremely horrible, because I think so to. But I also know that as a fourteen/fifteen year old, I could not handle having a baby. I could not take care of it when it would be born, I could not for my moral reasons give it away for adoption or anything like that. And it tore me apart that I knew all these things. But think about it; what the hell are you supposed to do when you’re fourteen, have been raped, gotten pregnant, and knows that you don’t have the sufficient funds to let the child grow up in a good place? A child should not have children, a child does not physically have the body to have a baby, a child definately does not have the mental strenght to have a baby grow inside you and take care of it.
    And I also know that all this is individual, but most of the girls/young women who keep their babies haven’t gotten pregnant by rape.
    Personally, I think it’s abuse to the baby if women who aren’t even women, who are in fact girls, deliver them and let them grow up in an enviroment where they know that the mother does not feel good, where both the child and the mother knows that they will get picked on for reasons so stupid that it’s insane.
    I’m just trying to open your minds a little, even though I know for a fact that it’s hard to think abortion is right when you originally don’t.
    I just want you to see the situation from others eyes, who have experienced unwanted pregnancies, and unwanted sexual intercourse for that matter.
    And if you read all this, you are my new hero.

    Thank you for your time, bless you!

  11. ROFLMAO. This thing isn’t even viable, nor does it “feel” anything up until roughly 2 weeks before birth. It’s a fetus, not a “pre-born” baby or whatever you idiots call it. But thanks for the laughs.

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