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July 24th, 2020

God Is Still Willing

God is still willing

In Matthew 8, a man with leprosy comes to Jesus and worships Him. He does this because he knows God can do anything. In fact, he’d have probably heard about all the miracles Jesus was doing for others, but internally he had the same question you and I still have today.

“I know GOD can do anything for OTHERS but is HE really WILLING to help ME?”

Does God really care about MY LIFE?
Which is it? Does God want to LOVE me or SLUG me?

You know, this story of the man with leprosy is in the Bible only because God wanted to reveal His character to us once and for all. He didn’t want us to be in the dark when it came to His will. And what’s more, Jesus didn’t want us to question whether or not He was truly willing to help us!

Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy

In the story, the leper comes to Jesus, vulnerable and with humility, to seek healing, but he still questioned whether or not God WANTED to heal him. The leper knows all too well how much he was suffering, so he puts himself out there, probably embarrassing himself. He kneels publicly before Jesus.

So…here we finally find out if Jesus will turn the leper away and reject his desire, or whether He would welcome Him with open arms and heal him! Almost afraid to breathe, the leprous man waits on his knees before Jesus and all the people gathered around Him.

What happens next is no surprise. The Bible says Jesus REACHED OUT and TOUCHED THE LEPER (something that was forbidden by society) and He lovingly tells this man the words many of us need to hear today.


And at that moment, the leprosy instantly disappeared.

Today, you might be wondering if Jesus really cares about your struggles and what you are going through. I have got good news: He does.

Jesus is never changing, which means that He is always the same: yesterday, today and forever. Today Jesus desires to help and love you through whatever you are going through. Today, He still is willing!

Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man. “I am willing” he said. “Be clean!” Immediately he was cleaned of his leprosy. (Matthew 8:3)

– – – written by Surjith Jacob

July 24th, 2020

Madhuramozhi Parenting Tips

Back after a long gap without any new posts here on TBTG website, we are happy to present to you some cool new parenting tips in short video clip formats in Malayalam language. This is a new venture from the Angels’ Army team. These are excerpts from the talk show Madhuramozhi which discusses various topics related to parenting from a catholic point of view.

Kids inside Church

The very first video in this series, given above, talks about the concern over the playful behavior of kids inside churches. This is a pretty common sight during Holy Mass, at least in churches in Kerala. What all thoughts come to your mind when you see kids playing around a lot inside church? As a parent, what do you feel about your own little kid roaming around inside the church catching everyone’s attention? See the video clip above to know more.

Sterilization Vs Recanalization

In this second video clip, a couple discusses the conception and birth of their fifth child after recanalization operation. After having 4 children, the couple initially decides to do sterilization and stops any further pregnancy. What prompts them to do a re-think and do recanalization? Watch the above video clip to know more.

Preparation for Marriage

The importance of preparing for marriage is discussed in this third video clip from Madhuramozhi. How do you prepare for your own wedding? Are you more concerned on the physical aspects of marriage like the grand marriage ceremony, the long VIP guest list, the grand feast etc? Or even long before you decide your life partner, do you even start to pray for your would-be spouse and his/her family? Watch this third video clip above to know how some catholic couples are preparing spiritually very well in advance for their marriage and the blessings they receive due to this.

More and more of such short parenting tip Malayalam videos will be soon coming up at the Youtube page of Angels’ Army.

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