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September 23rd, 2013

Jesus Christ Picture Set 32

Jesus Christ Picture Set 32 is finally here in TBTG after a long gap. We haven’t published picture set of Jesus in a while now. Check out the 24 new wallpaper pics of Jesus Christ which are of huge dimensions. Click on any thumbnail image to view the original sized image.

Please set any of the above or any from the links below as your desktop wallpaper or mobile jesus wallpaper.

We have a large collection of Jesus Pictures here in TBTG. We have them in sets containing 16 or 24 pictures. We are providing the link to all the other sets down below. Please take a look.

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September 22nd, 2013

Receive The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Receive The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

It was a day in November, in Chittoor retreat center. Under heavy sunshine I burned like a candle. People were participating in the services wholeheartedly. The voice of the priest is heard, ‘Fall on the feet of your spouse and ask pardon for all the sins committed in your life. And pray this kissing those feet.

Those who fell on the feet as well as others were crying louder… ‘Ask pardon from all those whom you caused pain in your life… from those whom you hate… write their names on a piece of paper. Mention the names of all those who caused you pain and write them too. Feel in your mind that you are in their feet… ask pardon from them…’ The strong voice of the priest is heard loud.

My God, this piece of paper would not be sufficient for me. Whom I have caused pain and those who caused me harm… Those who stripped some fruitful years from my life harshly… This life is a piece of paper marked with dots and strikes. Now the procedure is to burn this paper in the fire before the Altar. How beautifully symbolic an action? That heat and soaking of tears provide us with deep consolation unattainable through any confession.

‘There would not be anyone who has never thought of ending life at least once in life. Remember those moments you thought of committing suicide. The blood of Jesus pouring out from Calvary is cleansing you out of all sins…’ says the priest.

Yes, I too have thought of committing suicide once in my life. It was that night in November when I had lost everything. The angel of the Lord caught hold of my hands and made me walk from death to life.

A Friday in November, 2004. I thought of loosing all that I have earned in my life. Hard work of years… wealth… good name… nothing was safe except my life and those of others who live depending on me. All around the voice of calumny… murmur of the enemies… completely unacquainted city… I was all alone in the world.

“Do not be far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help. Many bulls encircle me, strong bulls of Bashan surround me; they open wide their mouths at me, like a ravening and roaring lion.” I found refuge in Psalms 22:11-12. These words were true in my life too.

What is life for… I just thought… a time when I find trouble in everything. I should get an answer today itself. If my God loves me, I should know it this day itself. The priest is filled with zeal on the Altar with the Blessed Sacrament. People pray like anything. Suddenly I felt something extra ordinary… a moment of unconsciousness… my eyes are filled with tears. It turned into a loud cry. I couldn’t see those who are around me looking fretfully at me.

I saw a vague figure on the Altar. Then slowly it became clearer… a man whom I knew very well; Jesus of Nazareth, with white dress and a red shawl. He is smiling at me. I have never seen such an innocent smile in my life to this day. He called me to His side. Now… a heart in his hands… a beating heart. He stretched it to me and told me to eat it. Suddenly I moved back. He stretched it again and smiled.

Swiftly I got into consciousness as it is just from a deep sleep. Now all around me was the sound of praises and calls of Hallelujah. Yes, my Lord. You love me; you have already touched me.

Jesus, from then on, I have never been unfaithful to you. I don’t claim that I have never sinned but I had never been far from you. To say, I love you, is not complete. My God, I enjoy you each moment… That day turned my life all upside down. We were in a new world coming back to UK. As we put our life into order with deep prayer, we could see solutions for all our troubles.

Slowly I started studying the Word of God. The Word led me from mere reading to deep insights. Prayer groups big and small started inviting me for reflections on the Word. Mini’s change was tremendous and it really surprised me. She had nothing other than her husband and children before. But renewal changed her life altogether. Now many sisters call her on telephone requesting prayers and advice.

“Because you are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you, I give people in return for you, nations in exchange for your life. Do not fear, for I am with you.” (Is. 43:4-5).

– – – written by Santimon Jacob

September 15th, 2013

How To Pray More Effectively

How To Pray More Effectively

Christians should always be interested in learning how to pray more effectively. The reason is simple: If our relationship with God is to be central relationship of our lives it must be nurtured by daily prayer.

There are many aspects of prayer. Here I would like to focus on the fact that prayer is an expression of a personal, all encompassing, and constant relationship with God.

Prayer includes discipline

Prayer includes discipline, but it is not merely a discipline. It involves setting aside a regular time and place, but it is not merely an item in our schedule books. It includes asking for things we need, but it is not merely a shopping list of requests. It involves our speaking to God and God’s speaking to us, but it is not merely an exchange of memoranda.

Prayer is a relationship

More than anything else, prayer is a relationship. When we reduce it to a regimen we deprive ourselves of what all who knew God throughout the scriptures expressed in their prayers: that God is alive, that he knows us and lets himself be known by us, that we can enjoy an intimate personal relationship with him in prayer.

Abba is the Jewish equivalent of ‘Daddy’. When I come home in the evening my daughter Sarah come toddling in to greet me, smiling and gurgling, ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.’ To her that is an expression not so much of the precise nature of our relationship (she is not yet old enough to comprehend that) but of intimacy with me. She does not yet understand that I am her father, but she fully understands that I am her ‘daddy’. It is the same between God and us. We cannot fully comprehend the mysteries of the godhead, but we can still know that God is our Abba. We can bask in the intimacy and enjoy him.

Prayer is the talk

The obvious, natural expression of this closeness to God is to talk to him. I would go so far as to encourage you, whenever it is feasible, to talk out loud to him. Certainly we can communicate with God mentally; our thoughts can readily be cast in words and sentences addressed to the Lord. But the intimacy of our relationship is enhanced when we speak to him out loud, when we hear ourselves speak to him.

God can hear our thoughts, so it is not primarily for his sake that we put them into words. It is for our sake. A husband who says to his wife, ‘Honey, I love you’, not only pleases her but also confirms that truth in himself. So it is with prayer. Actually hearing ourselves pray helps draw us into an experience of the intimacy we enjoy with God in a way that purely mental prayer does not.

Prayer needs openness

It is also important for us to understand that we can be completely open with God. It is not as thought there were some segments of our life that were part of our relationship with God and others that were set apart. We can talk with him about anything and everything that is on our hearts.

When God adopts us into his family he adopts us in the totality of who we are. He doesn’t love just parts of us; he loves all of us. There is no part of our lives, however insignificant it might seem to us, with which God is not intimately familiar and about which he does not care deeply. As Paul explained to the men of Athens, in God “we live and move and have our being” (Acts. 17:28).

What all should we share in Prayer?

There is no limitation on what we can or should talk to God about in prayer. He wants us to share all of our life with him. What concerns us concerns God, simple because he loves us.

We often persuade ourselves that God’s love does not extend to this or that facet of our lives. Some things seem too small and insignificant; we don’t want to ‘trouble’ God. Some things seem too mundane; we don’t want to ‘waste God’s time’ with them. Some things seem so embarrassing we are too shy to talk about them with God, As if he didn’t already know all about them. Some things are so important to us we are almost reluctant to pray about them for fear God won’t hear us; we are afraid of being ‘let down.’

God helps us see how unnecessary; how foolish, such fears and apprehensions are. There is nothing too small for him, nothing too mundane, nothing we need hold back for fear of losing his love, nothing that could ever fall outside the bounds of his all encompassing love for us.

Pray without ceasing

What does it mean to pray ‘without ceasing?’ This is not and injunction to spend all our time on our knees. Rather it is an invitation to redirect our restless energetic minds into positive streams of communication with God, concerning all that is going on around us as well as within us. Instead of nursing our wounds and self pity, let’s pray for the grace to forgive. Instead of worrying about those for whom we are responsible, let’s ask God to intervene and lift the burden from our shoulders. Instead of thinking creatively about how to bring someone else down, let’s pray about how to build them up.

Just as husband and wife live out their lives against the backdrop of being married, so do we live out the entirety of our lives against the backdrop of a constant relationship with God. He is always there, always loving us, always ready to listen to us. As we recognize his unwavering commitment to us we are able to live in the day to day adventure and challenge of his presence.

– – – written by John Guest

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