Poem : Being A Father At Christmas

Being A Father At Christmas

Being a father is an exciting feeling. I wonder how it looks like to hug a baby. I wonder how to be a good father daily. I think it’s the most priceless thing. This coming Christmas, I wish my wife gets pregnant. I think it’s the most wonderful gift From our Saviour Lord Jesus. I … Read more

Poem : It’s Christmas Day

Its Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day! Cherish every moment Life is what you make it Live life to its fullest And love every person you meet. It’s Christmas Day! Love is a precious gift Share it and love it Life is not perfect So learn how to forgive and forget. It’s Christmas Day! Show the world your love … Read more

Poem : Christmas Season

Jesus is the reason for Christmas Season

Christmas is a time of sharing A time to heal the wounds A time to forgive our enemies And a time for a new beginning. Christmas is when the whole world Celebrates the birth of our Lord. This is a time when we find true happiness In our hearts, minds and souls. Christmas is always … Read more

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas season is back and all are eagerly waiting to celebrate the birth of our savior, Lord Jesus Christ. TBTG team wishes each and everyone reading this, a wonderful Christmas season ahead. So here we start our Christmas gifts to all our precious readers. Here is a nice collection of beautiful Merry Christmas wallpapers to send to your … Read more