Are We Building Another Tower Of Babel?

Recently, the author Jared Diamond proposed that we the humans are the “third chimpanzee” in his book “The third chimpanzee-the evolution and future of the human animal”. We live in a world of moral relativism. Man has advanced much scientifically and has harnessed some of the powers of nature. He is now exalting. He is … Read more

Poem : Climb Until Your Dream Comes True

Often your tasks will be many, and more than you think you can do Often the road will be rugged and the hills insurmountable, too Always remember, the hills ahead Are never as steep as they seem, And with faith in your heart start upward And climb ’till you reach your dream, Nothing in life … Read more

Poem : Hugs From Heaven

When you feel a gentle breeze Caress you when you sigh It’s a hug sent from Heaven From a loved one way up high. If a soft and tender raindrop Lands upon your nose They’ve added a small kiss As fragile as a rose. If a song you hear fills you With a feeling of … Read more